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“I don't know a lot about seizures I do understand there's many different kinds and medications for treatment. My son was diagnosed 2 years ago with seizures it can be scary and overwhelming.  My son was seen by a certain Doctor that prescribed my son wrong medication. So for 2 years watching my son go through what he went through was awful and heart breaking. So recently we went to Doctor Levin and he understood everything and prescribed my son the right medication and EEg test came back normal awesome doc”
– Vega

“Dr. Levin has been such a help in not only diagnosing but finding the best treatment for my head injury. Not only has Dr. Levin been patient and kind, his span of knowledge has given me referral to my needed specialist. I have been very happy with his office staff also. Due to Dr. Levin's patient load wait can be extended however staff let me know at check-in. Definitely recommend to others.”
– Dolores P.

“Dr Levin was great! He addressed my concerns and was very informative. He provided me with excellent care. The staff was also helpful and friendly”
– Pamela H.

“My daughter saw Dr. Levin today and we both were very happy with our experience. Dr. Levin was very professional, friendly and caring. We got results instantly and he ordered additional tests for follow up.”
– Debbie H.

“Dr.Levin has helped give me the right diagnosis, that was wrong for over 25 years. He is highly recommended, and has helped me feel better than I ever have in a long time. I would suggest anyone needing neuro care to come to Dr.Levin.”
– Matt M.

“Dr Levin was able to help me get the right diagnosis after seeing so many doctors even some at Stanford Hospital.  I have been poked, prodded, and had MRI, and still ho help. Now I know what is wrong and he referred me to a specialized doctor to help me.  Thank you”
– Cece Q.

“Dr.  Levin took the time to go over conditions that my son was going through. Every time I see him, he is legitimately concerned with his well-being. The staff works to fit us in a d have always been helpful. I feel confident that he specializes in Child Neurology and I have all faith in his diagnosis.  He is really honest and up front, which I appreciate. He makes sure that we understand everything that's going on. I have complete confidence recommending him for neurology.”
– Rizz G.

“I have been seeing Dr. Levin for about two years. He diagnosed my condition, put me on the proper medication, and I haven't had any more problems. He even recommended my new primary care doctor.”
– Anonymous

“I have been to several Neurologists in the area and I found Dr. Levin to be very knowledgeable and helpful. He explained to me why I was feeling the way I did. He prescribed medicine to help also. I have been back only once. I feel so much better. Thank you. Glad we have a caring Doc in town.”
– Anonymous