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Comprehensive Stroke Care and Treatments for Modesto, California


Your Personal Stroke Rehabilitation Strategy

No one is prepared for a stroke. That’s where the incident gets its name – it comes out of nowhere and, in one flash, it can totally change your life.
Strokes occur when part of the brain has its blood supply cut off. The brain cells in that part of the head suffocate and begin to die, resulting in catastrophic loss of function and possibly an instant fatality. For the fortunate victims who survive the initial attack, recovery and rehabilitation may mean years of hard work and patient labor to regain even the most basic functions.

Comprehensive Care for You

Here at the office of Jeffrey R. Levin, MD FAAN, we’re used to pursuing the well-being of our clients from start to finish. We work hard to help you live in the best condition possible. That means we don’t take shortcuts when it comes to your neurological health.
We’ll work with the rest of your recovery team and medical staff to ensure that your neurological needs are catered to throughout every phase of your recovery.

A Team Approach for Best Results

Most stroke rehabilitations involve far more than just a neurologist. In addition to our office, you’ll likely have practitioners, therapists, a psychologist, and more. We’ll coordinate your current needs with all of these individuals to get you back into working condition as quickly as possible.

Begin Your Recovery Today

Rehabilitation can be a long and energy-consuming process, especially if you feel like you don’t have the support you need. That shouldn’t have to be a factor.
We’re eager to do everything in our power to get you back to optimal health. Consult with us to get started on your recovery today.