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Headache and Migraine Treatments in Modesto, California

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When the Pain Won’t Go Away

We’ve all been there. Your head starts to throb and it won’t stop. Something is wrong, but it’s not very clear what it is. All you know is that you’re in pain, and you need it to go away in order to function.
Headaches can be mysterious, but that doesn’t make them unsolvable. Even in the middle of crippling mental pain, there are solutions available to you. Call our office and arrange an appointment with us. Our comprehensive testing and treatments will help you understand exactly where this pain is coming from and how to end it.

Headaches and Your Mental Health

There are several different kinds of headaches, but the most prevalent types are primary and secondary headaches. Primary headaches involve a physical issue in your head or brain. These headaches usually involve mental trauma or deep conditions that require extensive treatment.
Secondary headaches, on the other hand, arise from causes that are not physically related to your head. You might get this from bad digestion, poor posture, or undue stress. These are far more common and far less serious. Odds are that the headache you are suffering from is a result of these secondary causes.

Get the Diagnosis You Deserve

Neurological problems are often complex. This is because your nervous system is one of the most integrated aspects of your physiological health. As such, most neurological problems are impacted by the healthiness of the rest of your body. Poor health in other areas can contribute to poor neurological health. This is especially evident in headaches.
To determine the right diagnosis for your headache, we’ll need to pinpoint the actual source of the pain. It might not be located within your brain, and treatments might require you to make lifestyle changes beyond simple medication prescriptions. We will do everything we can to help you reclaim the good health you deserve.

Consult With Dr. Levin Today

For more than 30 years, Dr. Jeffery R. Levin, MD FAAN has provided the greater Modesto area with reliable neurological services. He and his team dedicate themselves to bringing their clients back from the brink and giving people like you control over their lives.
Your headache has a cure, and we will help you find it. Contact us today to get started.